Friday, December 8, 2017

Gold Manor Update #4 - Tree Removal

Another set of pictures follow which document some of the many projects Kelly and Jon commissioned to get their house and property in shape before they moved in.

During the second week after they closed on the house, the tree removal guys showed up and did their magic.  It was something to see.  Nothing better than seeing the professionals at work.
It was amazing to see the lumberjacks throw their lines and climb up into the overhanging branches.  They were up there to identify and cut off overhanging large branches that might later cause a problem.
The tree men had to evacuate vehicles from the front yard in order to remove the corner tree a couple of feet away from the house.  The tree was a large one and they cut off some branches at the start.
Then the guy climbed up the tree to position the rope in the correct place.  Once that was done, we all cleared out the of the area while the guy in the Bobcat pulled the rope tight.  Once their was the right amount of tension (and the other guy was out of the tree) another one used his large Stihl chainsaw and but a wedge into the bottom of the tree.
In not time the tree gave way, fell forward and crashed to the ground.
Then others cut off the branches which the Bobcat carried over to to the large tree chipper.
The trees were cut up in good sized lengths which we think the tree guys were going to cart back to their business and cut up for sale.
In no time, the suspect tree at the corner of the house was gone.
Logs piled up for replacement onto the log truck.
It was quite an operation.
The next project was a tree which had blown down years ago and landed across the property and into the lake.  It was another huge effort.  They cut up the portion of the tree in the yard first.
Then they removed as much of the tree that was in the lake as they could.  The steep embankment prevented the entire tree and branches from being removed at this time.
Most of it was removed, but some of the tree remained in the water.
The Bobcat was just not big enough to pull out all of the tree out of the lake.
The log truck was filled to capacity in no time.
I didn't get any good picture but they also took out three trees in the back yard not far from where the car is in the picture below.  After they grinded stumps, they also leveled the front and back yard as well as the driveway.
All that was done in preparation for the fence they are putting in the back yard.  More on that later.

That it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us today.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gold Manor Update #3 - New Roof

The roof guys came on a day when there was lots going on.  The roof repairs included taking off two layers of shingles and replacing any sheathing that was rotted.  There were six sheets they had to replace.  Over the years of neglect, a large tree branch punched a hole in the roof.  Rain and water seeped in causing other problems but the new roof ensures that won't be an issue again.

Cars and trucks were parked everywhere in the front yard.
On the roof, Timo's crew was ripping off the two layers of shingles.
Front side, back side and eventually the boathouse. Here over the front porch you can see some of the water damage that caused wood rot.
The dumpster loaded up quickly (above).  Below, I watched with awe as one of the slightly built men carried more than one 4'x8' sheets of plywood up the ladder by himself.
Once the new plywood was down, they put the covering down and then the shingles.
At one point, I think we counted 14 vehicles on the property including the delivery truck with the hydraulic lift for the shingles.  When the roof materials truck arrived, half a dozen cars and trucks had to move out from the front to the house so the truck could move into place and use the hydraulic lift to move pallets directly from the truck to the roof.
It was pretty impressive to see how these guys went to work and got after it!  Below is a photo of the work going underway on the back side of the house.
The new roof made a remarkable difference to the look on the house.  Not to mention it removed the source of wood rot and other problems.
Two days later and another bin filled with debris, they were almost done.
Things happen so quickly and in rapid succession, its hard to keep up and remember just a couple of weeks ago, things were in complete chaos.

One more major item ticked off their checklist!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Gold Manor Update #2

We are in the middle of a 32 day renovation.  Kelly and Jon put together an aggressive schedule and we are all doing our part.  "All" includes the subcontractors, Kelly, Jon, Pam and me.

This has been one of the (if not THE) most fun projects we have been a part of the last few years.  So far no major glitches and we are learning a lot.

Here are a few before and 'in-progress' photos:

First the kitchen.  This is looking from the door into the garage.
Here is a look from the hallway.
Here's what it looked like after they removed the counter, sink, shelves, dishwasher and oven.
Those rooms look a lot bigger when they are empty.

The photo below shows the wall separating the kitchen and the living room.  The stove and some cabinets had already been removed. It took the workers a couple of hours to do this.  The foreman loved swinging that sledgehammer to demolish the old stuff.  We had already removed handles, latches, hooks and any other pieces Kelly wanted to keep.
It was looking cleaner hour by hour.

If you look closely in the living room to the right of the light, you can see where the contractor had marked where the wall was going to be removed in the living room.  Kelly walked around with him a few days prior to that and they measured off and marked what walls needed to stay and which ones were to be modified.

Some people like Kelly and Jon can walk into a place and see the potential of big changes.  They can envision walls coming down and opening up the combined area.  They did that in their current house and decided this place was another good candidate.
Looking from the front living room back to the kitchen.

The next day they took out the studs to complete the wall removal.
This doorway and the one next to it are both going to be removed and opened up into the hallway to give the area a more spacious look.
It worked.  I asked Kelly if she had seen this done in her graduate studies for her Interior Design work and she said, "No, some people are good at math, this is just how my brain works.  I see things like this."
This is what the debris looked like piled up on the porch.  It easy to throw it out the window and cart it off to the dumpster.
Here is a look at the bar that was taken out.

Instead of a bar, they decided to build a half bath and a pantry next to the place of what will become their dining area and den.  They took off the brass railing and footrest.  Kelly applied some Norwex cloth elbow grease just to see if the foot rest would shine up. 
It did!  So that will likely find a place after their rehab is done.
The empty area looked like this before they started building it out.
The photo below shows the project well underway.
Another room that was 'demoed' was the Master Bathroom.  Pam removed the cabinet doors below the shelving and the whole vanity came out.

The shower doors and frame were removed as well as the vanity and mirror.
Once removed, the flooring was now exposed and had to be filled in.  Also the space near the tile cup holders on the wall had to be filled in.
It took a while to piece in the area under the vanity but it turned out fine.

That's a quick snapshot of what some of the areas that were removed and readied for renovation.  A lot of activity was going on with more to follow!

Thanks of joining us for Gold Manor Update #2 on the Roadrunner Chronicles!